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Dacorum Synchro Swimming Club

Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring

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Adult Synchro & Diving
The philosophy , we enjoy swimming and we want to share the joy we have in the water.

Hemel Hempstead , Sportspace, Diving Pit

Learn2 Splash in!


on Tuesday at 12.30 am

Coach : Lajos Fazekas,


All Year


 on Tuesday at 9 pm

Coach : Lajos Fazekas, 


All Year 

Book at the Reception 
 While our competitive swimmers are quite serious about competition, 
our recreational swimmers use Synchro as a stress reliever from work and school
 and a way to stay in shape while having fun. We are always seeking synchronized swimmers
 interested in staying in shape  and having fun by participating in performances.

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Synchro accepts new students of all ages.  Whether you are a swimmer who is 6 years old or 80 years old;
 if you love the water and love a challenge, we will welcome you into our lesson program
Swimmers must able to swim at least 25 yards (one length of the pool) and feel comfortable in deep water and under water.