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Dacorum Synchro Swimming Club

Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring

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 Welcome to the Dacorum Synchro Swimming Club

We are a club dedicated to identifying and nurturing talent, and developing the multi-disciplinary skills required in

 synchronised swimming.




We accept members of all ages and experience - all we ask for is proficiency in front, back, and breast stroke, dedication and commitment.

DSSC is affiliated to the
 Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

The swimmer will then progress over time to other AquaFun Synchro classes and once we feel they are ready they will be invited to join

Dacorum Synchro Club

on Wednesday 6-7pm

payment for this is made by monthly DD to the club.



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The winners  for 2017

Club of the Year :

Dacorum Synchronised Swimming Club 



Workshop- synchro
Tuesday ,Wednesday 5-6 pm
Friday        4-5 pm
Hemel Hempstead  Sportspace
Diving Pit
Book at the Sportspace reception
Beginners Welcome !

Boys and girls are accepted into the Synchronised Swimming Classes


Synchro Swimmers are invited to book more than one AquaFun Class to improve their skills.



All Aquafun synchro classes must be booked and paid for through the Sportspace reception, either by visiting or by telephone to the call centre on

01442 507100

The options for a complete beginner are Tuesday 5 pm with, Wednesday 5.15pm  or Friday 4.00pm with Lajos.

It is usually possible to come for a taster session before booking, please ask at reception. 






7th February   5 pm in the Diving Pit

Synchro experienced 8-16 years old

Swimming Stage 8,9,10 7-12 years old

Swimming Stage 6,7 6-10 years old



Book your place at the Sportspace reception

by telephone to the call centre on

01442 507100


(c) 2009 Dacorum Synchro Swimming Club (DSSC) Club Code: DAST; Liability Insurance expd: 31/03/2018 - All rights reserved

Welfare Officer : Julia Bragg   contact  


  Dacorum Synchro Swimming Club (DSSC)

was formed in 2009 to provide Synchronised Swimming, and Minipolo/Waterpolo coaching in the Dacorum area