The Club Committee

The Dacorum Synchro Swimming Club is a not-profit organisation

run for the benefit of its members.

The committee elected 2018 is as follows:

Committee Members

Chairman                                       Amy Silk                

Treasurer                                        Anita Vig Kis 

Head Coach                                  Lajos Fazekas 

Secretary                                        Denise Silk


Invited always to the meeting  (without vote)

Welfare Officer                          Evelyn McGinty


Club members (16+ current ASA memberships) are able to vote at Annual General Meetings

or Emergency l General Meetings.

Yearly AGM 1st October 2019  at  6 pm in Hemel Hempstead Sport Centre .

© 2019 Dacorum Synchronised Swimming Club - all rights reserved.   

DSSC Club Code: DAST

Liability Insurance expires: 31/03/2020

Welfare Officer : Evelyn McGinty