There are four levels of synchro competition in England with entry for each level dependent on the swimmers’ abilities.


Regional & National Synchronised Swimming Competitions

Level 1 competition is designed as an introduction to the competitive side of the sport. These events are run by either clubs or counties and feature “figures” competitions only. “Figures” are the technical movements performed in the water, each with names such as Ballet Leg, Barracuda or Oyster.

Level 2 competitions will involve higher entry standards and may include a free combination team event as well as figures.

Level 3 competitions introduce free routines for the first time and will typically be a regional event. Swimmers between 9 and 12 years old will be expected to have achieved at least Grade 2, while swimmers over 13 will need to be at least Grade 3 standards.

Level 4 competition are national events for the most competitive swimmers in the country who have achieved high figure grades.