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Club Summary and Achievements 

Here is a summary of our Clubs past competition achievements.  

November 2017 ASA East Region Competition
Figures/ Ungraded  (Less than 1 years experience)
Lilly BS          9-10 years           17th place
March 2017  ASA East Region Synchronised Figure Competition                                        Swimming Grade 0 Figures
Zoe C            11-12 years           8th place
Olivia R         11-12 years         19th place
Annie M        13-15 years           4th place
Joné E           13-15 years           6th place
Lara B           13-15 years         10th place
Daisy W        13-15 years         11th place
Hannah B      13-15 years         12th place
October 2016  ASA East Regions Competition in Chelmsford


Combination Team            13+ years  Skill 0     2nd place (silver)
Individual Figures             13+ years Skill 1+
Rebecca S                            4th place
Charlotte P                         10th place
November 2015 - ASA East Region Synchronised Swimming Championship
Emma C                               13+ years          1st place (Gold) Solo Skill 0
March 2015 – ASA East Region Synchronised Swimming Figures competition
Lara B                                  13+ group        3rd place (Bronze) Solo Skill 0

Everyone Active Sponsorship Award

Congratulations to Synchro Swimmer Lilly for her Everyone Active Sporting Championship Bronze award. ​

Synchro Grading Examinations

Well done Synchro Swimmers for passing their Synchro Figures. 

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