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The Artistic Swimming Classes

will teach you the basic skills and fundamentals of Artistic swimming. 

As a member of the Club you will have the opportunity to work towards the Swim England Artistic Swimming Grades and compete in competitions. 

Then, as you progress and become competent at the basic skills and movements of synchronised swimming, you will be invited to join the

Dacorum Synchronised Swimming Club Squad.




September 2022- 31 July 2023

Club members training

at Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre.

Diving Pit

Monday 5 - 6 pm

Wednesday 6.30 -7.30pm

Friday 5 - 6 pm


Confidence pool
Thursday   5-6 pm

at Hemel Hempstead

Leisure Centre.   

3-10 years old



Masters  20+

Monday, Friday 5-6 pm

Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm


don't forget to put your car plate number

into the system at the Entry :)

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